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A Classic-styled boutique hand-built amplifier, but with many modern features such as effects loop, half power/full power switching, voltage selector(for the world traveler), direct out XLR recording, and modern high-gain that you can only get with solid-state rectification.

  • Cathode-biased with 3 ECC83s in the preamp stage and 4 EL84s in the power stage for arguably the best complement to a pedal loop gives you a very conservatively rated 30 watts into 2 channels.

  • Channel 1 is a classic clean with a bit of voxy chime that can easily be teased into great natural overdrive with a little marshall bark

  • Channel 2 is a modern high-gain that is achieved with pre and post gain through solid-state rectification. Think modern mesa or sunn with a baxter sound all its own

  • Natural reverb with classic long-springed tank compliments the two very different channels very well-rockabilly, surf, country on one, classic rock and metal solos on the other

  • Modern master volume control allows changing overall output volume without starving your tubes

  • Triode/Pentode switch allows you to run full or half power with a simple switch-great for the studio to live or if you just want to give your tubes a break                                                                                         

  • Tested in person and run 24 hours before packaging

  • Ships with Shugang matched tube set-or substitute with premium matched JJ tube set for an additional $50usd

  • Power cord and patch cable included

  • Foot switch for channel and reverb extra

  • 9 3/4" H x 19 1/4" W x 9 1/4" D


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